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An Ancient System of Healing.

Learn how to use this powerful science to live a life of optimal health. In this workshop: An Introduction to Ayurveda, you will learn ...

-The history of Ayurveda, including prakruti, vikruti, and the 3 doshas.

-The 5 elements and how they correspond to each of the doshas, along with the qualities associated with each, and how to use them to bring yourself into alignment physically and emotionally.

-Delve deeper into the doshas, to help you better understand your dosha, as well as the doshas of those around you. 

-Finally, learn how to best implement ayurveda into your life by establishing daily practices to help every dosha stay in alignment.

- Receive samples of some of my favorite ayurveda products, such as abhyanga oil, daily swish for oil pulling, essential oil, and a bath soak.


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Do you have questions about ayurveda? Are you looking for a health and fitness coach with a natural & holistic perspective, or do you just need someone to hold you accountable? Schedule your free consult  to see if we are a right fit for each other.





Experience this ancient treatment for deep nourishment of the tissues and relaxation. Warm herbalized oil flows in a steady stream onto your third eye to help balance, restore, and deeply hydrate the deep tissues of the body.



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